Overseas Medical Assistance for People travelling Abroad


Hospital and Physician Referrals

We make referrals to medical providers operating at International standards

Medical Interpretation and Medical Escort Services

Our Assistance Coordinators will provide medical interpretation by telephone. When the situation calls for it, we will arrange local medical escorts to assist with hospital registration and patient-hospital communications.

Medical Monitoring

Wel follow a patient’s progress and the quality of their care then report to the insurer through regular contact with the treating physician.

Placement of Payment Guarantees with Medical Providers and Payment Facilities

We place payment guarantees with providers, review and negotiate for reduction of medical expenses, and act as a payment agent. We also advise on smart and economical use of overseas travel insurance benefits.

Medical Advice

Our physicians in Vietnam are available to provide second opinions regarding diagnoses and treatment recommendations made by doctors abroad.

Doctor Dispatch

Depending upon circumstances, we will dispatch a physician from Vietnam.

Emergency Medical Evacuations and Repatriations

When adequate medical care is not available locally, we will evacuate the patient to the closest appropriate medical facilities. We also arrange and coordinate the repatriation of patients to Vietnam under the care of a medical escort team.

Receive Inbound Medical Transports and Make Hospital Arrangements

When patients are transported to Vietnam for either emergency or continuing long-term care, we see that they are received immediately by an appropriate Vietnam care provider.

Funeral Arrangements and Repatriation of Mortal Remains

We will arrange local burial or cremation of a deceased or repatriate the remains to Vietnam.

Other Services

Health counseling, assistance with insurance claims, legal referrals, regular email updates on overseas medical and security risks, and more.