Trust based on experience

Through many years of experience assisting foreign visitors, PCV has developed a reputation among foreign insurers and Assistance providers as a dependable and trustworthy partner in Vietnam. Knowing the current annual growth in visitor numbers, we anticipate the need for these services to increase. Our competency is based on our experience, our language ability, the Vietnamese medical system, and knowledge of insurance administration.

Language capabilities

The greatest difficulty a foreign patient faces when seeking medical treatment abroad is always that of language. PCV is staffed around the clock with competent English and Vietnamese speaking Assistance personnel and accommodates other languages through in-house and external resources, thus ensuring patients, from time of contact to medical discharge and even until safe return home, that they are in good hands and have a professional looking after their needs.

Payment intermediary

Core to our services is our function as payment administrator and intermediary between insurer, medical provider, and patient. Both foreign and domestic insurers rely on our ability to administer benefits and arrange cashless service through our preferred provider network of over 200 hospitals and clinics nationwide.