Current trends

The trend toward international travel by Vietnamese citizens is on a rapid upward trajectory. Of course the Covid 19 pandemic has been a temporary interruption, but as the world emerges from the pandemic, the trend will continue.

As such, insurers in Vietnam need to ensure their clientele is taken care of when they are outside their home country. Pacific Cross Vietnam is a viable affordable option for Vietnamese insurers in this situation.

We help with needs and situations like these:

  • Coordination of medical treatment for people who fall ill while traveling, living or working overseas. We assist them with language support during treatment, billing and payment arrangements.
  • A company has employees covered by international travel insurance, but the insurance is subject to various restrictions and exclusions; the company needs to know they always have access to help, regardless of the circumstances.
  • A traveller falls seriously ill or is in a serious accident while abroad. They will have no idea on how to arrange and manage treatment, medical evacuations or repatriations.
  • How can people be sure the doctor treating them is competent and that the course of treatment is adequate and appropriate? Some may wish to have a second opinion from a Vietnamese physician familiar with medical practices in other countries.