Our business purpose is to be ready when needed, to provide professional assistance in the areas of healthcare and medical assistance for people traveling far away from their home. Our priority is to create a service environment giving clients peace of mind and confidence their needs are understood and are being resolved in the right time frame.  Our objective is to be known as a competent trusted partner, quietly in the background, ready 100% of the time.

Our services are delivered by well trained, experienced staff, who work with assistance partners around the world providing the right communications, clear answers, and the right sense of urgency, ensuring the best possible solutions are delivered to clients.

We have over 140 partners in 120 countries on 5 continents delivering world class assistance services 24/7.

We accept and embrace the daily challenge of creating a “PCV Standard” for assistance through our actions and results — a standard that we believe will become recognized not only by the clients we serve but also by our Assistance Partners situated around the globe.  For our Vietnamese clients travelling outside of Vietnam, for clients of other International Insurers travelling inside Vietnam, PCV will be the provider of choice, an organisation that delivers what they say, a leader in Assistance services.