Overseas Medical Assistance for People travelling Abroad


Readiness Through Infrastructure

Call Center in Vietnam

Clients traveling outside Vietnam can call us when facing trouble. Our call centre in Vietnam receives calls in Vietnamese and uses our worldwide provider network to deliver assistance to the client. With over 140 partners in 120 countries on 5 continents delivering world class assistance services 24/7, our capabilities extend to every region of the world.

Emergency air transport with certified physicians

We maintain a list of qualified doctors and nurses who are ready at a moment’s notice to accompany a client on medically necessary evacuation from Vietnam or to travel to another country to assist a client returning to Vietnam.

Charter aircraft network

Our partner network contains charter aircraft companies and air ambulance providers worldwide.

International Professionalism for Vietnamese Clients

PCV is a Vietnamese registered company doing business since 2008. PCV is part of the Pacific Cross Group of companies operating across Asia.  We are focused on meeting the Assistance needs of our Vietnamese clients. Our Assistance operations are supported by a large network of doctors, hospitals, and air services.

Everyday Assistance, During and Prior to Travel

Assistance may be needed for more than just emergencies. We assist your clients with everyday healthcare needs as well. This could mean arranging checkups or vaccinations abroad or access to Vietnamese physicians for advice. We also consult and advise prior to travel in regard to sanitation and medical conditions in potential destinations. This includes medical risk surveys on sites under consideration for development or corporate expansion. We can help minimize risk through preparation and planning, reducing exposure with valuable information.