How do we do this?

  • We can provide the peace of mind needed for insured persons traveling outside Vietnam by accessing assistance partners in the IAG global network.
  • We are able to communicate with clients – Vietnamese citizens abroad – in their native language.
  • We work on behalf of the insurer to serve their client abroad; coordinating services between the client and an assistance company.
  •  We follow instructions from the insurer regarding benefits and coverage levels, communicate those to the assistance company overseas, and ensure the client gets the service they deserve with the least amount of inconvenience for them.
  • We facilitate payments for medical and emergency services overseas when an insurance company is not able to do so. All fees are consolidated into a convenient report for the insurer so they are able to serve their clients without worrying about paying more than they should.

Pacific Cross Vietnam is the only company who can provide this type of locally based, global reach service. We are able to offer this to insurance company partners at very affordable rates all while delivering a high quality, professional service which our partners have come to expect from us.